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Our Story


The idea behind Quadrobee arose one day when we tried to build a foldable bed for the back of a car. As we began working on the idea, questions started flooding in. Is cutting and measuring cardboard pieces really the best way to prototype? Would it be possible to use extruded aluminum? How do these pieces attach together? Will this really fit in here? How much is this going to cost? 

We wanted answers. What we needed was an easy way to bring our design to life.

After reaching out to a couple of our friends who worked in manufacturing, we realized we were not alone. It seemed as though the only two options were expensive and complex CAD programs or the good old "guess and check", neither of which met our needs.


Our Mission

Quadrobee makes prototyping simple. We empower inventors using augmented reality and intuitive design.

Design in any physical space. Ensure that your design fits where it belongs. Create a dolly and push it around to make sure that it fits around all of those tricky corners. 

Use parts that snap together. Compatible parts will automatically snap together so you don't have to worry about leaving gaps in the design or double-checking spec sheets.

Save money and time. Reuse the parts you have and only order the ones you need.

Core Values

Intuitive Design 

Spend less time fighting with software and focus on turning your dream into a reality.

Innovative Thinking

Get the latest in AR technology. We are continuously updating our product to be the best in class.

Accessible to All

No engineering experience is required. We believe in building products for everyone.

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