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Design In AR

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Snap It

Select parts from an extensive library and quickly snap them together. Pieces fit together seamlessly. Guaranteed precision every time.

Extrude It

Extruding objects is as easy as grabbing and pulling. Extrude to exact dimensions or specify the object's size in the detail menu.

Connect It

Use plates and other fasteners to connect aluminum extrusions. Bolts and nuts will automatically be inserted in the correct locations.

Prototype It

Easily validate the ergonomics of a design before purchasing the materials or constructing physical prototypes.


Order Your Parts

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Access From Any Device

Once you are happy with your design, log in to on any device to view a complete parts list. 

We provide you with links to purchase the parts from each project through your preferred vendor. 


Your Project

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Build With Confidence

Assemble your project with confidence, knowing that what you've built in the app will mirror the physical product

Recycle & Reuse 

When you are ready to build something new, easily reuse the parts you already own by pulling in parts from past projects.


Ready to start building?

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