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Unity Developer

Boulder, CO, USA

Job Type


About the Role

1) Improve the product
2) Develop new features and functionality
3) Manage 3D assets and infrastructure
4) Perform testing and Q&A


  • 2+ years of industry experience

  • Has worked with a modern game engine (Unity | Unreal), computer graphics, or 3D assets.

  • Experience with 3D modeling tools.

  • Experience with object-oriented languages.

  • Experience with a version control system (Git, SVN, etc.).

  • Basic knowledge of web development

  • Self-starter & go-getter

  • Can execute on challenging problems

  • Loves to wear multiple hats & learn new skills across a variety of verticals

  • Passionate about creating innovative products & exceptional user experiences

  • Excited to teach and share knowledge with the team

  • Detail oriented

  • Enjoys connecting with team members on a personal level

  • Positive outlook (No downers allowed in fort kick-ass)

About the Company

Hi, let's build something awesome together! We want to create products and experiences that people remember, love, and geek out over. Our favorite projects are the ones that turn cutting-edge technology into a great user experience.

Designing 3D structures is complicated. We want to make it easier for non-technical creators to quickly bring their ideas into the real world. We help our customers prototype their ideas and determine which parts they need.

To apply send your resume to: 

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