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Alloy XR uses an Oculus Quest headset with a pass through camera to display a design application. Through this application you can construct prototypes with extruded aluminum pieces that “snap” together. 


Start with a blank project. Select a piece from the parts catalog and insert into your project. You can extrude the ends of the rod to meet your needs (insert screenshot).

Add multiple pieces, snapping them together just as you would in real life. These T Slot rods only snap together inside the app exactly as they would in real life. This way whatever you build in the app will mirror the physical product. The rods can be fastened with plates and extruded to exact dimensions. Multiple select is enabled as well, and can be used, for example, to extrude all four legs of a workbench to the same length. 

Scale your virtual world up to see the details of your design.


Not only is the interface straightforward and intuitive; Alloy XR adds a value that no other software can achieve, substantiating the ergonomics of a design prior to the purchase and construction of raw materials. A process engineer can physically reach over the 3D hologram of a workbench to confirm the safety and functional design while still building in the app. They can easily scale the prototype and make changes before ordering the parts to meet their needs.  


 All finished building?                                                                                                                                                                                       

Once a design is complete, the individual will order the parts they used directly through the interface, with just a simple click.

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